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ATM Locations

Heritage ATMs

  • 5507 W Wadley Avenue, Midland, Texas 79707
  • 2001 N Big Spring Street, Midland, Texas 79705
  • 1923 South County Rd 1083, Midland TX 79706 (Now Available)

Permian Basin Chapter of Credit Union’s ATM Alliance

ATMs in Midland, TX

  • 3512 N Midkiff, Midland, TX
  • 912 N Midkiff, Midland, TX
  • 4717 N Midkiff, Midland, TX
  • 310 W Longview @ I20, Midland, TX
  • 308 North A Street, Midland, TX
  • 600 W Louisiana Avenue, Midland, TX
  • 1505 N Midland Drive, Midland, TX
  • 4400 N Midland Drive, Midland, TX
  • 4001 N Big Spring, Midland, TX
  • 3100 N Big Spring, Midland, TX
  • 2609 W Loop 250 N, Midland, TX
  • 2110 W Wall Street, Midland, TX

ATMs in Big Spring, TX

  • 300 Veterans Blvd, Big Spring, TX
  • 503 East FM 700, Big Spring, TX
  • 701 East FM 700, Big Spring, TX

ATMs in Odessa, TX

  • 4900 E 52nd Street, Odessa, TX
  • 4041 E 52nd Street, Odessa, TX
  • 200 Wal-Mart Court, Odessa, TX
  • 1315 W University, Odessa, TX
  • 4100 Faudree Rd, Odessa, TX

ATMs in Surrounding Cities

  • 1117 S Stockton, Monahans, TX
  • 1301 N. Main Andrews, TX
  • 200 E Austin Kermit, TX
  • 130 S Cedar Pecos, TX
  • 501 E Hendricks Wink, TX
  • 608 W Avenue E Alpine, TX


CO-OP ATMThey are everywhere you need to be.  With nearly 30,000 surcharge-free CO-OP ATM Locations nationwide, convenience is KEY and we've got you covered in your busy life.  This surcharge FREE network of ATMs allows you to keep your cash in your pocket, where it counts.

Aside from the thousands of Credit Union ATMs, you can get cash at many popular retail locations such as Walgreens, Costco and 7-Eleven.  So when you are out and about, entertaining a busy day's schedule, a trusted CO-OP ATM network is never far from reach. 

Just look for the CO-OP ATM logo at the ATM or use the Heritage USA FCU Mobile App to locate CO-OP ATMs in the area you are in.