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Holiday skip a pay

Skip A Pay

Heritage USA Federal Credit Union knows what makes a great holiday season!

We can’t pay your bills, but we can help out with our Skip-A-Pay program. Skip-A-Pay allows qualified members to skip one month’s payment on their credit union loan(s).

Along with helping our members, we also want to help you help organizations that make a difference in our community. It’s simple. For a small contribution of $49 per loan per month of deferment, Heritage USA FCU will defer your loan payment for the month of choice: November or December. We will then use those contributions to help local organizations that are positively impacting our community.

To defer your payment, complete the application below in either pdf format or via DocuSign. If in you download it as a PDF and print then drop it by the Wadley branch at 5507 W Wadley Ave, fax it to 432.681.1057 or mail it to us. We must receive your application 10 days before your loan payment’s due date. We will process your application immediately and you’ll be one step closer to a great holiday season! Take advantage of the Skip-A-Pay program, and defer one month in loan payments, today!

DocuSIgn Form PDF Form

**All parties on the loan(s) must agree, only the primary must sign the form. By signing, you certify that ALL borrowers to the applicable loans identified on the note have consented to and authorized the loan modification(s) and you agree to hold Heritage USA harmless from any and all claims brought by any party challenging such consent and authorization or the validity of any voluntary loan modification.

By signing the form, you authorize Heritage USA Federal Credit Union to modify your existing loan(s) and extend your final loan payment(s). You understand and agree that: (i) interest will continue to accrue on your loan(s) during the month you skip your payment; (ii) exercising the skip payment will extend the time it takes you to pay off the loan(s); and (iii) skip payments will result in your paying more total interest on your loan(s). You understand and agree that any additional payments (those beyond the original maturity) resulting from the exercise of the skip payment may not be covered by credit insurance, GAP, or other insurance or debt protection products and that it is your responsibility to verify the impact of any skipped payment(s) on your insurance coverages. The $49 processing fee per loan will be automatically deducted from your Heritage USA account or added to your Heritage USA loan if the fee is not paid otherwise on the day the signed Skip-A-Pay Application is approved and processed. For purposes of this offer, one monthly payment will equal four (4) weekly payments, two (2) semi-monthly payments or (2) bi-weekly payments. You are responsible for suspending any automatic or third-party payments for the month of the skip. On your next regular payments date, the regular monthly payment obligation of your loan agreement will resume. This offer does not guarantee eligibility or approval. Heritage USA must receive this application two (2) weeks prior to the due date of the loan. If received after that, the following month’s payment will be skipped. You can only skip once in one year. Your account must be in good standing, you must have made six (6) monthly payments on the loan, and it must be current in order to be skipped. This offer excludes real estate loans, credit card loans, line-of-credit loans, troubled-debt restructured loans, and loans reaffirmed after bankruptcy. Rates, terms, and loan eligibility may change at any time. One form must be submitted per loan.