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Debit Cards

With a MasterCard Debit Card, skip the hassles of writing a check. Simply use your Debit Card like a Credit Card. The money will automatically be taken from your checking account, rather than charged to a high-interest credit card. The MasterCard is also your convenient ATM card for 24 hour access to your cash!

Daily spending and ATM cash limits are set by Heritage USA Federal Credit Union for your protection. In the event that you are making a large purchase, please call us at 432-681-1050 to have your limit increased.

Advantages of Using Debit Cards

  • No Debt – With a credit card it's easy to purchase anything you want, even if you don't have the funds. With debit cards, the money comes directly from your bank account, so you avoid spending more money than you have. Plus, you don't have to remember to pay the credit card bill once a month.
  • No Application Necessary – If you have poor credit it can be difficult to be approved for a credit card and the interest rate will likely be sky-high. Debit cards require no application or minimum credit score, and most just require you have a checking account.
  • Fees – Although some checking accounts have fees associated, they are significantly less than most credit cards. Avoiding late fees, annual fees and interest charges can save you a bundle.
  • Identity Theft Protection – Anyone can steal cash from your wallet, but it's much harder to steal money from a debit card. The thief would have to know your pin, and if you report your card missing in a timely manner the bank will cancel it so nobody can use the card.
  • Eliminate Checks – Writing checks is time-consuming and is quickly becoming an antiquated payment method. Many vendors no longer accept personal checks, and even if they do it takes quite a bit of time for the purchase to be reflected in your bank account. You also have to keep careful records to ensure you're not going over your available balance and accruing overdraft fees. It' only takes a moment to complete a purchase with a debit card, and your available balance is reflected in your account almost immediately – it's a win-win.
  • Eliminate Cash – You don't have to carry around cash if you regularly use a debit card. If you do need cash you can always stop by an ATM and take out however much you need or get cash back when you make a purchase at most stores.


How do EMV chip cards work?

That small, metallic-looking square that sits on the front of the card is a computer chip that is responsible for keeping all of your information on lockdown. It does that by creating a unique code with each transaction that you make. Whereas you would normally swipe a card and the black magnetic stripe on the back would send the computer your card’s full information, chip cards take your privacy a step further.

When the chip card is inserted into the slot on the terminal, the computer generates a unique transaction code (not just your card number and account information) and then uses that unique code to process the payment. Since this isn’t your actual card information, it makes it harder for hackers and thieves to steal your information using a card-skimming device or by hacking the terminal.

CardValet - Protect your card!

  • Receive alerts whenever your payment cards are used
  • Establish transaction controls for dollar amount limits, merchant categories, transaction types and geographic locations
  • Safeguard your cards: Turn them "off" if they're misplaced or stolen and back "on" when you're ready to use them

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