Debit Cards

With a MasterCard Debit Card, skip the hassles of writing a check. Simply use your Debit Card like a Credit Card. The money will automatically be taken from your checking account, rather than charged to a high-interest credit card. The MasterCard is also your convenient ATM card for 24 hour access to your cash!

Heritage USA Federal Credit Union offers to all members an Instant Issue MasterCard Debit Card. You will receive your Instant Issue MasterCard Debit Card the same day you open your account without having to wait the 7 to 10 days for your debit card to arrive in the mail.

These Debit Cards are printed flat, so you will not feel the raised numbers. This allows us here at Heritage USA Federal Credit Union to make your card within 2-3 minutes. Also the Flat Debit Cards will not leave the indention of you debit card number in your purse or wallet. As an added benefit, there are over 30 different debit card images to choose from.

Heritage USA Federal Credit Union was the FIRST credit union in Midland, TX to offer our Instant Issue Debits Cards.